Are AI-Powered Devices Really the Future for Healthcare?

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Tuesday, February 11 4:05 PM - 5:00 PM

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Location: 210A

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Title: Are AI-Powered Devices Really the Future for Healthcare?


As the healthcare industry advances with emergence of new technologies, the amount of data that these innovations create is also growing exponentially. Many companies turn to the application of artificial intelligence to develop devices that will help with the acquisition, analysis and integration of data to find the way to precision medicine. In this session, we'll talk with experts exploring this exciting space to gauge the potential of AI for medical devices. Panelists will discuss the ways in which AI stands to change the healthcare landscape and what medtech companies will need to do to adapt. Topics covered include:

  • Specific AI applications in radiology, surgical robotics, chronic disease, drug discovery, and neurological disorders
  • Challenges AI presents for patients, doctors, payers, and other stakeholders
  • What still needs to happen to make AI happen easier for device product development

Type: Panel Discussion

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