The Latest Advanced Processing Factors Affecting the Plastics Used in Medical Devices

Tuesday, February 11 4:05 PM - 5:00 PM

Location: 210C

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Title: The Latest Advanced Processing Factors Affecting the Plastics Used in Medical Devices


This session will include two separate presentations, as follows:

Materials to Resist Hospital Disinfecting Chemicals and Improve Medical Equipment Durability
Disinfectants and cleaners are heavily utilized in hospitals to combat the spread of HAI. These chemicals are aggressive toward plastic equipment housings and often result in ESCR failure. This session will examine the mechanism for ESCR failure, key variables contributing to part cracking, and measurement of chemical resistance of polymers. Material selection will also be discussed with a focus on application requirements.

Topics covered include:
  • Examine effects of hospital disinfectants on material durability
  • Measurement of chemical resistance for polymers
  • Evaluating and selecting materials for medical equipment applications

Medium Voltage Electron Beams for The Sterilization of Medical Devices – An Alternative for the Medical Device Industry
A medical device sterilization crisis is looming, powered by the recent shutdown of ethylene oxide processing plants and the global shortage of cobalt-60. This presentation addresses the use of medium voltage electron beam technology as an alternative for the medical device industry for the sterilization of medical devices. Medium voltage electron beams comprise an FDA compliant technology that stands as an innovative option for the industry with current available capacity, as sterilization is often associated with high voltage electron accelerators. The technology does not rely on radioisotopes, and at the energy levels used for processing, no radioactive compounds are generated. Processing is performed inside the final package, and no radioactive waste nor toxic compounds are produced.

Topics covered include:
  • How the recent shutdown of ethylene oxide plants and the global cobalt-60 shortage have impacted the sterilization of medical devices
  • Medium voltage electron beam technology and it's suitability with quick processing capacity at an accessible cost
  • How this "innovative" sterilization technology for the medical device industry is appropriate for medium to low-density products
  • Use case examples

Type: Session

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