The Economics of Flexible Packaging

Tuesday, February 11 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

Location: Center Stage

Event Information

Title: The Economics of Flexible Packaging


Flexible packaging is a win-win. For consumers, flexible packaging provides the sustainable, convenient, and ergonomic product experience they demand. For brands in a growing number of product categories, flexible packaging offers a lean and agile solution to increasing demand complexity. Our expert panel will provide a total value chain perspective of flexible packaging—raw materials suppliers, converters, and brands will discuss the latest technological innovations and provide you with strategic insight on the economics of flexible packaging implementation.

We'll cover:

  • The consumer and macro-economic trends driving growth in the flexible packaging market today, for consumer packaged goods (CPGs) and healthcare products
  • Novel packaging formats such as inverted pouches, vertical/horizontal form-fill-seal, premade pouch solutions, and novel materials such as plant-based plastics.
  • How brands and their supply chains are combining flexible packaging, automation solutions, and consumer data to become more agile, more sustainable, and more profitable

Type: Panel Discussion

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