What the Heck is going on with Ethylene Oxide Sterilization?

Wednesday, February 12 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM

Location: 212AB

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Title: What the Heck is going on with Ethylene Oxide Sterilization?

Description: What the Heck is Going on with Ethylene Oxide Sterilization?
In 2019, Ethylene Oxide (EO) Sterilization quickly became a hot topic amongst industry experts, federal regulators, and media outlets. From contract sterilization facility shut down, EO emission public outcry, medical device shortage warmings to political mudslinging, the future regulation of EO sterilization hangs in balance. Start off 2020 with knowing exactly that detrimental events led up to the public controversy of EO emission and what actions key thought leaders are doing to solve this national crisis.
Liz Krewson, PhD from Andersen Sterilizers will cover all aspects of EO sterilization relative to:
- Interpreting the recent events shaking up the EO sterilization markets
- Understanding product feasibility and biocompatibility studies
- Transitioning from contract to in-house sterilization methods
- Grasping EO emission (Federal versus State versus County) regulations
- Learning about our FDA-cleared EOGas4 sterilizer abator, and zero emissions campaign

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