Designing to Evoke the Right User Response

Tuesday, February 11 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM

Location: 210B

Event Information

Title: Designing to Evoke the Right User Response


Your medical product and service designs must be above reproach from a functional standpoint. But what about from an emotional standpoint? Every successful product is always a blend of functional and emotional attributes. You have to consider the industrial design perspective that looks at the emotional forces at work in your product. These emotional elements are evoking a response from your users, whether you're taking ownership of them or not. So how do you design products that evoke the right response? During this session, the speaker will highlight:

  • How to meet the spoken and unspoken needs of your multi-users
  • Understanding the surrounding culture and ecosystem shaping the interaction between your product and users
  • How to infuse your products with emotion

Type: Summit Session

Badge Type: Paid